Friday, June 13, 2014

Chanel-O Hello I'm back again!

     Hey everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus! Back again with a new post using some of my very first Chanel pieces I ever purchased that I still wear today, because well, Chanel is always in and there is a new trend of repeating past trends right now. So I have a few pieces for you circa like 2007 and then some newer pieces as well. I also will post links where you can find something comparable now and also details on my pieces in case you get lucky on ebay as someone is cleaning out their closet one day. Ok so this look is rocker meets fem, with an awesome ballet skirt and some edgy accessories. So like I always say, my advice is to get key pieces for your wardrobe that you know will last (bc of quality) and that you will use (bc you love them) forever. So lets break it down!

Look 4
Sunglasses by Karl Lagerfeld
Top by Xoxo
Skirt by Chanel
Shoes by Chanel
Watch by Karl Lagerfeld
Ring by Versace
Belt by I honestly dont remember :/

you can find carries belt at:

seashell ring from Versace 

And this Karl Lagerfeld watch is on sale for $458 right now on pink orchard!

My Chanel items 

And if you dont feel like searching for the real stuff, 
these links below have comparable stuff :) happy styling!

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