Friday, June 13, 2014

Traveling in Style

Hey everyone! So today lets talk about traveling in style. Now I absolutely love to just wear like a Juicy suit, some Uggs and a big LV stole when I'm on the plane but lets pretend you have somewhere to be the second you de-plane. This Cynthia Rowley jersey dress is sooo comfy and perfect for traveling, I have actually flown in it before. It didn't wrinkle at all which was great!! This particular dress I'm wearing comes in a ton of different colors but bottom line, the more wrinkle proof your garment, the better for traveling! Second, it does get chilly on planes so I suggest a scarf or a light jacket that isn't too heavy to tote around with you through the airport (unless you're heading somewhere arctic then pack a down coat ;) One of my favorite jackets is this brocade beauty by Vera Wang. Lastly, you could always opt for a pair of cute flats, but these Miu Miu pumps are so comfy, I can walk in them a while. Maybe its the strange heel? Haha. And of course you need a large tote to take all your essentials with you so my trusty Louis Vuitton Wilshire MM in Rouge Fauviste does the trick, however, you can no longer get this bag. So I suggest the Alma in the same color. The deep wine is just so elegant and seems to go with almost everything I wear. So tips in tow, safe and happy travels!! 

Look 5
Sunglasses by Karl Lagerfeld
Watch by Marc Jacobs
Ring by Versace
Shoes by Miu Miu
Jacket by Vera Wang
Belt by Versace
Dress by Cynthia Rowley
Hat by Fashion Q

I've seen these on ebay recently so I would start there for these gorgeous pumps. still has this beauty 

I'm not sure where to find this belt but Versace's website still carries similar belts.

Also sold out on polyvore but again these come in so many colors and I've even seen some at TJMaxx :) Check there! 

I just saw this jacket on ebay for under $200, go search it out! 

This is a little different than my watch, but I got mine a few years ago so I think this is the closest style right now (colors are the same) and I found it at Macys! 

Happy styling and happy shopping!! 

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